Puppy Love, Inc. Adoption Application

Thank you for your interest in adopting a rescue dog. Our intention is to make the best match between you and your new family member as possible. The mission of Puppy Love, Inc. is to save dogs from likely death in high kill, overcrowded shelters, as well as providing new loving homes to pets surrendered as a result of natural or man-made disasters. Please complete this application in order for us to find the right match for both you and your rescue dog.

Due to recent changes in federal and state regulations governing dog importation, we can no longer adopt to residents in Connecticut, New Hampshire or Rhode Island. Please look for dogs with rescues licensed in your state.

Our adoption fee is $395, which helps cover the costs of spay/neuter, veterinary checks and vaccinations, medical treatment as necessary and transportation.

Our dogs are rescues from Louisiana and exposed to contagious diseases including Parvo, Distemper and Heartworm. Every dog has been quarantined for 14 days, examined by a vet, treated for known diseases and provided a health certificate for transport and adoption. They are typically in foster homes for several weeks prior to adoption. Despite our best efforts, we can not guarantee their health as some diseases like heartworm have very long incubation periods.

In addition, you will be required to complete and sign our adoption contract before receiving your dog.

Please answer all questions below and then press the submit button to send us your application. A copy of your submission will be e-mailed to you.